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Be on the top of Dailymotion Homepage

With Masthead put your brand at the top of Dailymotion homepage. You can also enrich your masthead with other elements such as images, Facebook plug-in, or navigational links or embedded video via Dailymotion player.

Technical specifications

Needed assets:
Compiled file for the leaderboard
  •  Dimensions : 728x90px
  • accepted formats : .gif, .jpg, .png ou .swf
  •  weight : 40Ko max
Redirects are accepted
 Composition of the creative
Image for the 970x250 banner:
  • Assets need to perfectly fit the background image
  • Hosted on Dailymotion
  • Background image
  • Top banner
  • Bottom banner (optional)
IAB 300x250 Format (optional):
  • Static creative or animated creative
  • Sound must be “off” by default (may be activated on rollover or on click as long as it can be deactivated in the same way).

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