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Push Down

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The megabanner expands and pushes the homepage down to give more space to play video ad.

Technical specifications

If processing directly with Dailymotion:

We don’t handle the creation process for the Push Down but we provide a template, for the development of the creative. Push Down without Player:

  •  One .fla file with 3 MovieClips on 3 different layers: mc_close, mc_expandPanel (for the expand format), mc_closePanel (for the initial format) and a layer with the ActionScript Code.
Push Down with Player:
  • One .fla file with 3 MovieClips on 3 different layers: mc_close, mc_expandPanel, mc_closePanel and a layer with the ActionScript Code.
  • The animation of the initial format (not expanded) needs to be in MovieClip ‘mc_closedPanel.’
  • In the MovieClip ‘mc_expandPanel’, two layers: mc_playerContainer / Background.
  • The animation of the expanded format must be in the MovieClip. The MovieClip mc_playerContainer loads the Dailymotion player with the video.
  • It should not be removed!
  • Please contact Dailymotion traffic team for further information.
Not expanded format 970x120 (initial form):
  • Background image or Animation
  • Sound must be “off” by default (may be activated on rollover or on click as long as it can be deactivated in the same way).
  • Must have a close Button
Expanded format 970x600:
  • Animation of the Push Down video / Launch Unit
  • Close button is mandatory
  • 30 to 40 sec max
  • Please contact one of our partners for further information.
If processing with our partners:

Several assets could be requested according to the partner for the Push Down. Please contact them for further information:

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